A New Thing

If you are feeling discouraged, hopeless and ready to give up because nothing seems to be working in your life, do not be afraid. For God is doing a new thing in your life today.

In Acts 14: 8 to 10, we see the apostle Paul healing a man who was a cripple from his mothers womb.

This man was a cripple even before he was born. And he had never walked before. When Paul sees that he had faith to be healed, tells him “Stand up straight on your feet.” We see in the next verse that the crippled man leaped and walked

A Double Advancement

The crippled man immediately jumps up from where he was sitting and began walking.

Notice how he, from sitting down, leaped up. Normally if we need to jump, we first stand up from where we were sitting and then leap. However this man first leaped and THEN he walked.

God not only healed this man, but also enabled him to by-pass an entire stage (that of first standing up) and immediately move into another.

From sitting to leaping

In this season if you are discouraged after waiting so long for a breakthrough, a miracle, an advancement, healing or restoration, there is good news. For not only is God doing a new thing, He is also giving you a double-advancement where you will by-pass entire stages in the normal way of life, to enter into a new dimension.

It could be a career advance, double portion in financial breakthroughs, double blessings or unprecedented breakthroughs.

God is blessing you with a double portion

A New Experience

Not only is God advancing you, but also blessing you with great and absolutely new experiences in your life. Something which you have never experienced and never known. Something which you thought you would never get.

If you notice, the crippled man had NEVER walked before. Walking was an absolutely new experience for him. Throughout his life, he would have seen others walk and enjoy but he was unable to do so and experience it.

With just a Word, he began to experience a new thing in his life.
He had legs from birth and thereafter, but they were crippled and not useful. Although he had them, the legs were not serving its intended purpose i.e to walk. When God released the blessing he got restoration and a double portion.

If there are any areas in your life that has been crippled all these years– whether its finances, relationships, certain talents, negative thinking, addictive behavior etc- God is restoring and bringing a full restoration and with it, a double portion of it.

So do not fear nor be discouraged, for Jesus is working for you. Put your trust in Him and receive your restoration and double blessing

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